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Equestria Dimensions Ch 2

    Twilight awoke with a pounding headache as she slowly got off the metallic ground. To her surprise, she found herself in a strange metal magical prison cell with two bipeds resembling minotaurs sans horns standing on either side. One was very tall and muscular, wearing red and black colors with a pair of shades on her head. The other creature was shorter than the other but taller than Twilight. It wore red and blue clothing, overalls and had a big mustache with scruffy brown hair.
    “Where am I?” Twilight asked her cellmates who noticed the now awake alicorn.
    “I’m not the way, I’m Mario,” said the short man in red.
    “You can call me Garnet,” said the tall woman with a nod.
    “I'm Twilight Sparkle,” the mare replied in kind. She looked at her cellmates and couldn’t help but wonder if they in for
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Equestria Dimensions Ch 1
There it was, in the oldest corner of the multiverse, a dead universe. Its stars have long since gone cold, but in the most ancient corner of this most ancient universe there still shines a single light: the planet known as Mana-Prime. It was a living sea of magical energies clashing as waves of purple water and magic made physical. Above this endless sea was a large dark blue metal spaceship. It was a mountainous craft shaped like a pyramid and adorned with light blue glowing mystic runes from various corners of the cosmos on its hull.  
Inside the command room of this fantastic ship were various machines from even more varied parts of reality. They kept the ship running at peak efficacy as its new master was working on her special project.
At the viewing platform which was connected to the robot probes searching the planet was a human woman watching with anticipation. This woman wore strange armor with dark brown and blue colors, mechanical parts and gears pumping mana into her
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Adventure Log 01

    Hello Meatbags!!!  This is the great and powerful Boxx, champion of twelve planets, two moons , and a continent full of magical ponies. I am here to regale anyone who will worship me and post this on Spacetube with my newest adventure.  
    After just saving the lylake solar system from a giant could say he never had the brains to mess with me...anywho I was traveling on a misty planet when my ship was sucked into a space time Rift and I crashed near an strange arena. Now I know what you're thinking. How did this happen to such a great robot as myself?
    Well it seems i was 'picked up' by a strange steampunk-like meatbag. This meatbag and his ‘Lovely’ friend wanted me to help with some kind of multiverse tournament. Now why help these two when they clearly caused the lose of my beautiful spaceship?...I want to know how they did it...the Rift! With that technolo
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Origins OCT Round 1
Origins OCT Round 1
Origins- Snow and The Star Child
    “Where are we going dragon?” I said knowing full well the Fyrus would be annoyed.
    “We’re almost there, so keep the commentary to yourself.”
    I don’t know how long it has been since this long night started. I try to relax at my favorite bar and what do I get? I wound up in some weird realm that makes even Blot nervous and following a little snarky white dragon. Just my luck some would say. It was then I heard a sound from behind me, to which I turned to see nothing at all. I turned back around to see two things, Fyrus was gone and the part of my world that was warped and twisted ended, but connected to a completely different scene.
    My weird world just became weirder.
    There was what looked like a new area; a snowy forest, iced pine trees and a few feet of snow as far as the
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OriginsOCT Poem of sorts
The World – Real or Dream?


In the midnight hour of one distance world.


 One Man, a goal seeker in the shinning lights of the city of sins.


This man is greedy and corrupt. But then you have to be to survive this town.


One Demon, both a slave and a weapon for a mere human.


This Demon is vile and seeks his freedom. One day he may get his wish.


These two, partners in crime with a group of mages and mobsters. The demon feeds off the man who wished to take the Throne of the Mafia for himself.


However, fate and destiny are odd mistresses as the two will find out.


Within a blink of an eye the two find themselv
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Origins OCT audition
Origins OCT audition
Origins – Prologue
        The smog drifted on the air in the city of New York, guttering streetlamps flickered as the bashful moon veiled its face behind a cloud. Gunshots crackled and popped in the distance, and I could hear the faint sound of a window smashing as I advanced down the dirty sidewalk. My hands were shaking slightly and a cold sweat knitted my brow. My name was Roy Sneevil, and I used to be a practical person for solving practical problems. Problems like say, your wife playing for the away team, a legitimate business dispute, a nosy neighbor who needs to be told to mind his own business, I’m your guy.
        Usually I would be working on my ‘pet project’, my pet project of taking over the Mystic Mafia from that thin freak, Big Slim. But I found myself going to my favorite watering hole, a bar called ‘The Devil’s Den’. The
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Mephila - OC :icondj-boxx:DJ-Boxx 2 0 Avengers 2: Ultron :icondj-boxx:DJ-Boxx 1 1
The Lore Stone- Prologue
        There was a lone ship, fighting the treacherous sea, the waves causing it to move back and forth in the water. The ship sailed a widely known, treacherous, region of the sea, and was being manned by a crew of undead skeletons. Hideous, clanking monstrosities. No longer chained to the living, but forever slaves amongst them. Deep within the ship’s hold, a prisoner, in a rusted steel cage held a dwarf. This dwarf  wore his family’s leather scout armor proudly, his fine bronze skin, muscular tone body, and a beard of grey-white color still vibrant, though his predicament was not. He was known as Snjór Skegg in his homeland, though he is far used to the name Snow-Beard, as the humans call him.  
       Snow-Beard paced to and fro, hoping that an idea, perhaps one that could lead to his freedom, came to him as he tried to think. He sat on the black-crusted plank of the ship
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Sonic OCT: Skarik :icondj-boxx:DJ-Boxx 0 3 AQW screenshot- Queen of Monsters :icondj-boxx:DJ-Boxx 3 0 Chaos Champion Prime Armor :icondj-boxx:DJ-Boxx 6 2 OC test - Skarik :icondj-boxx:DJ-Boxx 0 3 Drakath - The Champion of Chaos :icondj-boxx:DJ-Boxx 1 5 Chaos Beast 13: Eternal Dragon of Time Reborn :icondj-boxx:DJ-Boxx 3 0 The 13th chaos lord- (female) berserker class :icondj-boxx:DJ-Boxx 15 3


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Oct 12, 2016
:icondj-boxx:DJ-Boxx has changed their username (formerly NyxKnight)
I need this oc -   OC Judge and Announcer - Boxx by DJ-Boxx -   in a colored heroic Han solo like pose with a laser gun and a starry or galactic back ground

Also I need the this title above his head -   From Space With Love  -

Will pay in points so comment or pm me if interested

Thank you for your time
Hi all....i need a writer who knows about MLP FIM and other pop culture stuff to write a fan fiction for me to display on

id like to have a short story as a test run to upload, then if it works out ill be using the writer more offen. 

the short story info: i need more then 1000 words but i don't want a book sized thing. so custom size. The story would be a slice of life tag but what is be about will be decided by me and the chosen writer.

also know i will give credit on fimfic site

if interested pm me or comment below with your point prices and a demo of your work.…
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